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Air Quality Index: 44
Air Quality: Good
Highest Pollutant: Ozone
Burning Allowed: Yes
Air Quality Index
Air Quality
Highest Pollutant
Burning Allowed

Storm Debris Burn Permits

The purpose of the Storm debris permit is to help residents who were greatly impacted by the severe storms on April 12, 2020. These permits are reserved for those residents with significant damage which is creating a hindrance to property access.

What kind of damage qualifies for a storm permit?

This picture shows an example of damage that qualifies for a storm permit.
This is an example of damage that DOES qualify for a Storm Debris Permit.
This is an example of damage that does NOT qualify for a Storm Debris Permit.

Fill out the application below if you feel your damage qualifies for a Storm Debris Burn Permit.  For questions or more information, please call 423.643.5970.

Please allow up to 1 week for the inspection.

Storm Debris Permit Application

I have large amounts of vegetation damage as a result of the storms on April 12, 2020, and have no other means of disposal available. *
Mailing Address *
Mailing Address
Is the burn site address the same as the mailing address?
Address *

Please answer the following questions:

Is the material you need to burn only vegetation and/or raw, untreated, non-manufactured wood? *
Is the material you need to burn 12 inches or less in width? *
Will you be able to burn and have the fire COMPLETELY EXTINGUISHED by the termination time? *
Storm Debris Permits are free of charge to residents directly impacted by the April 12, 2020 tornadoes. An inspection will be required prior to issuing the permit. The Storm Debris Permit will expire June 15, 2020.