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Air Quality Index: 50
Air Quality: Good
Highest Pollutant: Ozone
Burning Allowed: Yes
Air Quality Index
Air Quality
Highest Pollutant
Burning Allowed

Burning Permits

Burning is allowed with a valid permit in Hamilton County from October 1st to April 30th of each year.  Burn permits are issued to individuals or businesses that are planning to burn less than two acres of brush in a burn season.  Burning is limited to clean, raw, untreated, non-manufactured wood or natural vegetation.

Due to COVID-19, we are NOT taking applications in person.  You may apply for a burn permit and either submit the application online or submit it through the mail. Please call 423.643.5970 for more information. 


If you would like to submit an application online and then make your payment over the phone, you can find that option here.  We accept credit cards and e-checks over the phone.

**Please allow us to contact you.  This will help us to serve you better.**
If you prefer to mail your application in, please download a hard copy of the application, print it, and mail it to:


Conditions to Burn

The required conditions to burn are below.  They are also provided on the burning permit issued by the Bureau.

1. The applicant hereby agrees to burn only vegetation and clean, raw, untreated, non-manufactured wood materials on approved burning days only.

2. Burning is only allowed in the months of October, November, December, January, February, March, and April subject to the following conditions.

3. Each day before you burn, call the information line after 8:30 a.m., or go online to to check the burning status.

4. Contact your local fire department each day prior to burning.

5. Only burn if conditions are favorable to burn without creating a nuisance from smoke and ash.

6. Burn piles shall not be larger than 12′ x 12′ x 12′.  Material to be burned is limited to 12 inches in diameter.

7. Do not burn paper, cardboard, OSB, plywood, engineered products, vinyl siding, insulation, treated or painted wood, PVC pipes, tires, stumps, roofing materials, sheet rock, plastics, household garbage, or any other obviously polluting material.

8. Burning is allowed between specific hours on approved burning days. (See permit for hours)  The fire shall be completely extinguished by the termination times. No smoldering is allowed after the termination times. Do not used dirt to try to extinguish the fire. 

9. The fire shall be attended at all times and the permit must be at the burn site and readily available for inspection.

10. The permit is valid for materials removed and/or generated from the burn site address.  The burning of  materials from off-site locations are prohibited.

11. This permit can be suspended or revoked at any time by the Director of the Air Pollution Control Bureau.

12. A Forestry Permit must also be obtained between October 15th and April 30th for any burning sites within the unincorporated areas of Hamilton County, Soddy Daisy city limits, and the Lakesite community which occurs within 500 feet of forests, woodlands or grasslands.  This permit is issued by the Tennessee Division of Forestry.  More information can be found online at

WARNING: Non-compliance with any of the above conditions could result in civil penalties up to $25,000 per day.

Brochure-Don't Get Burned

Submit your burn permit application online.

Burning Permit Application

Burning Permit Application

Apply for a seasonal burning permit. All permits expire April 30, 2020.

Submitting this form online requires a credit card payment over the phone.
There is a processing fee of $1.49.
Choose COUNTY application if you live in outside of those city limits.
Choose CITY application if you live within the city limits of Chattanooga, Collegedale, East Ridge, Red Bank, or Ridgeside.
Mailing Address *
Mailing Address
Is the burn site address the same as the mailing address?
Address *

Please answer the following questions (If you answer no to any of the questions, other means of disposal will likely be required.)

Is the material you need to burn only vegetation and/or raw, untreated, non-manufactured wood? *
Is the amount of brush you plan to burn less than the equivalent of two acres worth of brush? *
Is the burn site MORE than 100 feet from another person’s structure? *
Is the material you need to burn 12 inches or less in width?
Will you be able to burn and have the fire COMPLETELY EXTINGUISHED by the termination time? *
Is the material you are requesting to burn from the burn site address listed above? *
Will you be able to burn without creating a nuisance to your neighbors? *
County burn permits are $10.00. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.
All permits expire April 30, 2020.
City burn permits are $60.00. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.
An inspection is required before a permit can be issued.
All permits expire April 30, 2020.