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Application Changes

Last year the Bureau processed over 5,000 burning permits and this year we anticipate processing even more. To help track the permitting process more efficiently and offer you better customer service, our staff redesigning the permit tracking process. As a result you will be seeing a few changes. Most notably....

More efficient tracking of permits via permit number
This will, for example, enable us to help you receive a replacement permit quickly if yours has been lost.

A change to the application process
Everyone will be required to fill out an application, including county residents. Each application will be tied to a fee receipt to help us ensure that you've paid only for the permits you requested.

New inspection requirements
To help determine whether burning is taking place an appropriate distance from schools and hospitals, some county residents may now be required to have their burning sites inspected before a permit is issued. (City residents already had to have an inspection so there is no change for them.) Inspections at county sites will be conducted if, upon receipt of the application, our Investigator, John Schultz, determines them necessary.

New Fee System
County residents now pay $5.00 per permit and city residents now pay $50.00. These fees help us cover the cost of postage, gas and the time spent processing the applications by our staff. As processing fees, they're nonrefundable even if the permit is not issued. However, the fees are good for the entire season (for the site for which they were originally requested).

How to Apply for a Permit
You may request an application form three different ways:

Please allow two weeks for your application to be processed. If you haven't received your permit in two weeks, or you've lost your permit, please contact us.

Every application form comes with instructions that should answer any questions you have. If after receiving your application you still have questions, please call us at (423) 643-5970.